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Liquid Bubbles

Jaci Farley

Director: Lisica Black Solutions


+27 82 556 6915



Jukskei Park,

Johannesburg, 2188

A Bit More About Me

My commitment to personal growth and continuous improvement is evident in my pursuit of a black belt in Six Sigma, building upon my already accomplished Green Belt. I am always seeking new opportunities to enhance my skills and knowledge to better align with organizational goals and deliver success within specified timelines.

While I may come across as reserved, I am a quick learner and possess a solution-oriented mindset. I strive for excellence in all tasks and am known for my ability to establish and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders. Through attentive listening and thoughtful assertiveness, I am able to approach work with meticulousness and precision.

My unwavering drive for positive outcomes allows me to effectively balance the demands, needs, desires, and realities of any situation. In the face of challenges, I demonstrate resilience by continuously revisiting and refining tasks until desired results are achieved.

I have dedicated the past three years of my career to working in the Democratic Republic of Congo for Kamoa Copper SA, where I held a leadership role in the systems department. In this position, I successfully oversaw the implementation of new systems and effectively managed the existing systems.

When introducing new systems, I prioritize a thorough analysis to prevent duplication of current systems and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the department and its processes. Additionally, I possess a deep understanding of the country's legislation and the internal policies and procedures that must be followed.

Implementing a new system involves an initial phase that allows for a comprehensive gap analysis. This ensures that the selected system is the most suitable for our needs and aligns with our objectives.

The significance of business intelligence is frequently underestimated, yet it plays a crucial role in my daily operations. By ensuring accurate and efficient data collection and processing, I am able to provide management with timely and reliable reports, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

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